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Tell someone "I'm here for you" this Christmas



Blog added 16 December 2016

Hi everyone,

My name is Jess and I help run Macmillan’s Online Community, a safe and supportive space to talk to other people affected by cancer.    

This week’s Tip of the Week looks to Christmas, and to the many different thoughts and feelings that people can have over this period.

Here’s Katherine’s tip:


Like Katherine says, for those affected by cancer, Christmas might be a time filled with worry, sadness, loneliness, or uncertainty. It can be difficult to enjoy the festivities if you have cancer or someone you care about does. And the celebratory mood of those around you may actually make you feel more alone. For those who have lost a loved one to cancer, Christmas may also remind them of what is missing and bring back difficult memories.

That’s why it’s important that if you have family and friends affected by cancer, you do all you can to help support them. Why not send them a special card saying “I’m here for you”, or organise a trip to see some Christmas lights, to take their mind off things, if they feel able to? Sometimes a simple hug, a laugh (or a cry!) together can really help.

Thinking practically, if you are hosting any Christmas gatherings that include a friend or family member with cancer, it might be nice to serve food in a “help yourself” way. That way anyone undergoing treatment can take portion sizes and foods that they want, without fear of offending. Or if you are a guest, you could offer to help with the cleaning and cooking so that hosts don’t get too tired or stressed.

Remember if you want to talk, our Online Community is a great source of support and is available throughout over Christmas. It is full of people who will understand how you are feeling. And there are groups for everyone – whether you have cancer yourself, are a family or friend member supporting someone, or if you’ve lost someone to cancer.

This Christmas, we’ll be here for you 24/7.


Senior Online Community Officer

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