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Neuropathy - how to help a side effect of chemo

Tracey W


Tip added 28/11/2016 11:56:56

My mum has awful pain in the soles of her feet, her toes and fingertips (neuropathy), a known side effect of the chemotherapy she's on. The pain is sometimes so bad it prevents her sleeping.

We found that applying peppermint foot treatments available from The Body Shop really help; nothing else gives her such relief. She uses the spray, lotion and cream. It's not expensive and is readily available.

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'Chemo Survival Pack'

Before my aunt started treatment we made her a 'chemo survival pack' to help her deal with some of the side effects of treatment. We included nail strengthener, intensive lip balm, posh hand cream, ginger tea to help with any nausea, lavender oil to help her sleep and some DVDs to keep her entertained. She found the products really helped, especially the nail treatment and also really appreciated the thought.

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Louise B


Be as mentally strong, positive & grateful as you can

It's hard when you first get that news, and when going through treatment, I've been there, but try and stay as mentally strong as you can be. If you can, go for a walk every day first thing in the morning. Use it as a chance to stay positive and grateful for everything you can be, partners, children, parents, hospital staff, visitors, work etc Think about your life goals, and what you want to achieve today, and then make the most of the day. Love your life, be strong and try and be happy

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Alex L


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Help with paperwork

My best friend helped me enormously filling out the mountain of forms for sickness benifit, I just couldn't think straight or remember things, she also sorted out work related issues, for example I didn't know I was entitled to holiday pay throughout the 2+ years that I was sick. Also she kept everyone informed on how I was and kindly told lovely friends that I was unable to see them, they meant well but I just wasn't up for visitors.

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Liz T


Ask if they need any bits picking up from the supermarket

On chemo I've been organised with food shopping. But it's often been the case that I can't face eating what I've got in, or suddenly crave something I don't have. This typically happens when I'm most exhausted. The regular offers from friends to pick a few bits up from the supermarket are a huge help. Some days I don't need anything, but some days it makes all the difference for someone to bring me the packet of crumpets and chocolate milkshake that my body suddenly decided it MUST have!

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Sarah P


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