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Chocolate-the way forward.

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Indulge yourself and eat as much chocolate as possible. Just think about how the chocolate helps your brain to release all those endorphins which will ultimately help you to chill out. Nothing brings as much pleasure as consuming your favourite chocolate treat, an experience improved when shared with friends.

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Go Garden

When I was diagnosed, on my return home, I had to get out into my garden. Just being outside in the fresh air, close to nature, the open sky above, helped me to regain my composure and start to come to terms with the devastating news of my cancer diagnosis. Throughout my treatment I would return there to commune with nature and enjoy its glory. My imperfect garden reminded me that all life is subject to ups and downs. Nature like cancer is not easy to comprehend. It just is.

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Venus O


Talking to your Oncologist.

The thought of discussing treatment options and test results always proved to be difficult for me. The effects of my chemotherapy meant that I was forgetful and the discomfort of my radiotherapy meant that I was never really clear-headed enough to take in what was being said at the time. If possible take someone with you when you go to see your consultant since they will remember something you may have overlooked. Take a list of questions for your oncologist and jot down notes from your meeting.

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Venus O


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Fun with a young adult

For a young adult with Cancer, get out the PS2 from when they were younger and get back involved with Spiro, Sonic etc. It helps to move their mind away from bad things. Get yourself involved too, there are lots of games that more than one can play. Muppets Party Cruise for example. It will make you both laugh and that is so good for both of you.

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Barbara S


after surgery bras

after my mastectomy I had to change my low cut balcony bras for something far more comfortable so I bought 2 maternity bras! they have proved to be the most comfortable bras I have worn! but the best bit is when you tell people what you have just bought their faces are a picture and you just leave them guessing!!!!

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Nancy T


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