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When my best friend was going through her treatment I tried to keep things as real as possible for her and between us. The last thing somebody needs is seriousness all the time and people surrounding them with grey clouds when actually, making them laugh and keeping things as normal as possible can work a treat. At the end of the day, she is still my best friend and the same girl I grew up with. I knew what I could get away with! Her cancer was not going to change that. It had no chance x

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Hi Michelle. I may be a tad bias but I really love this tip. :-) I agree with what you say. Don't treat your friends any differently or tiptoe around them. Keep it real! Thanks for the tip and also for being my best friend and amazing support during a horrible time in my life Caroline

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Get out and join up!

On line support is useful but for people who feel isolated I suggest you should join a local support group and actually meet up with others in the same position. In the Huntingdon area we have a group called "Acorn" which meets in three different places, each monthly and you can go to all three if you wish. Careers are also welcome and people continue to belong for a year or two after bereavement. We go on outings and have hotel meals all free of charge. I am sure other groups do similar things.

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Ruth B

St. Ives, Cambridgeshire


Try meditation to cope with sleepless nights and reducing anxiety. I started mindfulness meditation therapy and found it effective in putting all of my concerns into perspective. There are many mindfulness training across the country. Some are free. Try it and I am sure you will notice a change in mood and thought process.

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Anne V


Managing offers of support

A friend of mine died of cancer last year. In his last months, his daughter emailed all his contacts and sent a touching message requesting that if they wanted to visit, that they schedule visits through her so she could help manage how tiring / overwhelming it was for him at any one point, but also to make sure he had a steady stream of visitors when he most needed them.

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Andy N


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