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The win will be yours

My names Zahra and I'm 16 years old I was diagonsed with thyroid cancer in June a day before our festival and I had a full neck surgery with radiotheraphy and My hopes were up last week when I went doctors that my cancer had finished but instead I got the news I have another operation on the 3rd January we might get sad we might put our hopes low but after hardship comes ease don't be afraid to tell people you have cancer don't be afraid you feel left out becuase were all unique in your own way

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Zahra M


Neuropathy - how to help a side effect of chemo

My mum has awful pain in the soles of her feet, her toes and fingertips (neuropathy), a known side effect of the chemotherapy she's on. The pain is sometimes so bad it prevents her sleeping. We found that applying peppermint foot treatments available from The Body Shop really help; nothing else gives her such relief. She uses the spray, lotion and cream. It's not expensive and is readily available.

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Tracey W


Don't hide in your shell

Recently I forgot to talk to those who've helped me through my illness. I hid away from everyone when I was going through a tough time. I should have known that going through a bad time was what my friends and family were there to support me for. Having a coffee with a mate and opening up really helped me to see I can't do this by myself. So, if you're feeling lonely and down, just "YELL" loudly, you're friends will hear.

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Paul C


The Prayer

When I lost both of My Gran's to Cancer my Mum's side in 2006 and Dad's side 2015 it totally destroyed me and still makes me feel sad sometimes but not as bad as it did, It's lead me to do a book about my life called Life's complications on the emotional rollercoaster due to autism/depression/berevement etc, what i think helps is when i can get my gran's into my mind and talk to them from in my mind. anyone wanting a copy of my book or wanting to see my writing work can msg me on this site.

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