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Humour is ok....

When my best friend was going through her treatment I tried to keep things as real as possible for her and between us. The last thing somebody needs is seriousness all the time and people surrounding them with grey clouds when actually, making them laugh and keeping things as normal as possible can work a treat. At the end of the day, she is still my best friend and the same girl I grew up with. I knew what I could get away with! Her cancer was not going to change that. It had no chance x

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'Chemo Survival Pack'

Before my aunt started treatment we made her a 'chemo survival pack' to help her deal with some of the side effects of treatment. We included nail strengthener, intensive lip balm, posh hand cream, ginger tea to help with any nausea, lavender oil to help her sleep and some DVDs to keep her entertained. She found the products really helped, especially the nail treatment and also really appreciated the thought.

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Louise B


Please look harder

When recovering from my bowel cancer surgery and dealing with chemo, I got very little help when I was crying out for it. Look harder at someone, are they coping because they don't want to seem weak? It's what they've always done? They don't want to seem needy? My advice, insist on making a meal on a regular basis, babysit their children, suggest specific days to help with their housework, take them out for a coffee if they're up for it. Don't just say "here if you need me"

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Nicky B


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Stay positive

I firmly believe a positive attitude helps. When I was diagnosed I was determined to remain positive. I decided I wasn't going to be ill during treatment and other than fatigue I haven't felt too bad. Don't be afraid of it, treat it as an illness to be recovered from rather than a battle you may lose. And don't give the illness any more time than you need to. Live your life as fully as you are able and enjoy yourself at every opportunity

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Lorraine M


Be Normal

It's hard to know how to treat someone with cancer. Before my diagnosis I wouldn't have known what to do. Treatment is gruelling, but we do have times when we feel absolutely normal and well. Cancer also takes over your life and it can seem like that's the only thing in it. So, on the times the person feels well do and talk about normal things. The times where I've gone out for lunch or dinner or to the pub have been great, because I feel just like everyone else and not a cancer patient.

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Zoe F


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