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Welcome to The Source

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, or how to help when a friend or family member has cancer.

The Source is a collection of simple, practical tips from people who've been there.

Because no one should face cancer alone.

Browse tips from people who have first-hand experience supporting loved ones with cancer. Or register to save your favourite tips and share your own advice to help others.


I have had Thyroid Cancer since 2008 having had 10 lots of radioactive iodine treatment. Thyroid removal. Radiotherapy. Tumours removed from my windpipe and head, then finally being put on a new drug Nexovar that slowed down my spread of the desease. I have it in my lungs hip rib head liver neck back and left eye now, and have come off Nexovar basically being told I have till Xmas. Sod that! I am not going yet! Never give up. I want to see another summer at least. Screw you Cancer. 👍

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Colin H


Neuropathy - how to help a side effect of chemo

My mum has awful pain in the soles of her feet, her toes and fingertips (neuropathy), a known side effect of the chemotherapy she's on. The pain is sometimes so bad it prevents her sleeping. We found that applying peppermint foot treatments available from The Body Shop really help; nothing else gives her such relief. She uses the spray, lotion and cream. It's not expensive and is readily available.

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Tracey W