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Welcome to The Source

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, or how to help when a friend or family member has cancer.

The Source is a collection of simple, practical tips from people who've been there.

Because no one should face cancer alone.

Browse tips from people who have first-hand experience supporting loved ones with cancer. Or register to save your favourite tips and share your own advice to help others.

The Cancer has come back

After 11 years of being free, the identical symptoms occurred. Two new primary lung cancers appeared to be more than was fair. Yet I always knew there was a chance so I have to look at the positive side and believe that because it has not spread I am in as good a position as I was 11 years ago. If this is happening to you stay strong and think positively. I have had radical radiotherapy and my oncologist is looking long term and I believe I can win again

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Leslie H


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Humour is ok....

When my best friend was going through her treatment I tried to keep things as real as possible for her and between us. The last thing somebody needs is seriousness all the time and people surrounding them with grey clouds when actually, making them laugh and keeping things as normal as possible can work a treat. At the end of the day, she is still my best friend and the same girl I grew up with. I knew what I could get away with! Her cancer was not going to change that. It had no chance x

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Neuropathy - how to help a side effect of chemo

My mum has awful pain in the soles of her feet, her toes and fingertips (neuropathy), a known side effect of the chemotherapy she's on. The pain is sometimes so bad it prevents her sleeping. We found that applying peppermint foot treatments available from The Body Shop really help; nothing else gives her such relief. She uses the spray, lotion and cream. It's not expensive and is readily available.

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Tracey W