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Welcome to The Source

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, or how to help when a friend or family member has cancer.

The Source is a collection of simple, practical tips from people who've been there.

Because no one should face cancer alone.

Browse tips from people who have first-hand experience supporting loved ones with cancer. Or register to save your favourite tips and share your own advice to help others.

Humour is ok....

When my best friend was going through her treatment I tried to keep things as real as possible for her and between us. The last thing somebody needs is seriousness all the time and people surrounding them with grey clouds when actually, making them laugh and keeping things as normal as possible can work a treat. At the end of the day, she is still my best friend and the same girl I grew up with. I knew what I could get away with! Her cancer was not going to change that. It had no chance x

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Find the Joy

It can be difficult, especially during Chemotherapy to find things that make you feel happy and grateful. It is so easy to get bogged down by the enormity of your situation and all the negatives; so try each day, no matter how awful you may be feeling to find one thing you are grateful for, you can choose to share or keep it to yourself but trust me it helps! One day I was simply grateful for lipbalm, other days it has been being able to actually poop!!

Smile it's just a word... don't let it beat you.😊.

Positivity is the key.however you deal with your diagnosis,I have found being positive has rubbed off on all my family and friends I'm a very upbeat person and I have found that humour has helped me cope with losing a breast I'm known as uni boob.and when I start chemo i have bought loads of beanies hats .so im uni boobed beanie babe. Hey if i can't find something good in all this it would be very depressing. So stay positive keep smiling It's a long journey but let's get there happy.

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Vanessa W


Somebody to lean on

I wish I could prescribe my sister-in-law Gemma,for everyone going through cancer. She has myself, and her own sister currently undergoing treatment. She looks after us, and the rest of the family. Even the dogs!. Emotionally, I would not be coping and in good place that I am, had she not been there for us all. Everyone should have someone to offload to, and if you don't have a Gemma. Use your Macmillan nurse. It's not healthy to internalise things or take practical support to make life easier.